Low Cost Drug was started to make generic prescription medication affordable to everyone

By doing away with the middlemen that have historically inflated prices and increased prescription medication costs, we can offer medications at their true cost with a small markup of 20% to keep our lights on and our staff happy.

There are absolutely no additional hidden costs or fees and best of yet shipping is absolutely FREE to you.

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Our pharmacy partner


Our Pharmacy

Low Cost Drug fulfills all of its prescriptions at our flagship pharmacy located in Dallas, TX – Pharma 1.


Real Pharmacy, not call center

Pharma 1 operates as a personable independent pharmacy and their friendly, knowledgeable, and well-trained staff will make sure you are not just another prescription.


Customer service experts

Pharma 1 strives for continuous innovation, outstanding customer service approach, and sincere dedication to your health making them the pharmacy that you can always depend on.

Frequently asked questions

How does Low Cost Drug Work?
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How do we come up with our pricing?
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Do you accept insurance?
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What pharmacy do you use?
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Who do I contact if I have questions?
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Which states do you ship to?
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Can you transfer prescriptions from another pharmacy?
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